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Telecom Infrastructure Construction

At Lattice Communications, we’re proud to offer turn-key solutions to all of your telecommunications infrastructure construction needs. We are able to mobilize our on-site staff and draw from a pool of experienced, knowledgeable contractors to act as your eyes and ears throughout the project—interacting closely with our project management team from pre-construction all the way through completion.

Professional Installation Management

As experts in managing construction and installation logistics, we are able to minimize lead times, reduce costs and assure that everything required for the development of your telecom site is in hand prior to the start of construction. Our process adheres to the highest industry standards, from rigorous testing of the telecommunication power system to the inspection of every piece of equipment sold.  We keep our clients up to date with the process and results, including product site audits and post-construction walk-throughs. Our passion for continuous improvement has inspired us to develop some of the most progressive and precise telecommunications infrastructure installation processes in the industry.

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