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At Lattice Communications, we offer turnkey construction–ready for use right away with no additions or modifications needed—as well as ongoing maintenance to ensure quality and provide value beyond the purchasing phase.

Telecommunication cabinets are essential for the storing and protecting vital communications components, such as wiring, cables, and fiber optics. As serviceable enclosures, telecom cabinets offer accessibility for both the installation and routine maintenance of communication networks, while also providing ample opportunity for infrastructure upgrades and expansion. As a leading telecom supplier, Lattice Communications offers a diverse selection of telecommunication cabinets for indoor and outdoor sites, and the option to further customize the cabinets to meet your specific requirements.

Benefits of Telecommunication Cabinets

Many industries use telecommunication cabinets as an added measure to protect their telecommunications equipment. Perfect for indoor and outdoor environments, our high-quality telecommunication cabinets are:

Telecommunications touches almost every industry and encompasses traditional areas of long-distance and local telephone service. Telecommunications also covers advanced areas such as wireless communications, satellites, Internet, and fiber optics. In a time where perpetual communication is essential, no matter what industry you are in, it is critical to enclose your telecommunication equipment with protective telecommunication cabinets.

What Industries Use Telecommunication Cabinets?

There are many industries that use telecommunications equipment to sustain their business models. For many industries, the telecommunications infrastructure is their business. If you run a business that relies on telecom equipment as a primary business process, you need to protect your assets with new telecommunication cabinets and concrete shelters. Industries that use telecom equipment include:

Lattice’s Guarantee in New Telecommunication Cabinets

If you run an industry related to the telecommunication infrastructures listed above, or you run a unique business that depends on telecommunication as a primary component of business operation, contact us so we can determine the best equipment to fit your needs. We offer a variety of telecommunications equipment, so whether you need an indoor, outdoor, small, or large telecommunications cabinet, we have a selection that can accommodate any climate and any telecom equipment. We also have surplus telecommunication cabinets and used telecommunication cabinets as well for those who are on a tight budget.

The Industry-leading Telecom Supplier

With other telecom equipment suppliers, new telecommunication cabinets can be a hassle to order, configure, install, and engineer. Our expertise in made-to-order solutions is the cornerstone of our business. Our engineers have what it takes to determine the build you need and install the appropriate new enclosure for any size power requirement. You can rest assured knowing our selection of new telecom cabinets will house and protect your telecommunication equipment against common harsh weather conditions.

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